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Day 30 – “Hey Hey” by The Graves

August 8, 2011 1 comment

And if you sing along with us, better give it all you’ve got!

And with this video, we come to the end of our 30 day journey. I hope you had as much fun watching these videos as we did making them. The amount of support and talent that has come out of this project is overwhelming.

At first we had some difficulty deciding what to do for this band that’s based way out West. Eventually I came up with this. This song is quite an anthem and I figured it would be a nice way to bring all of our artists together. Please enjoy “Hey Hey” by The Graves.

Once again, I’d like to thank all the artists and filmmakers who participated in this project.

Hey Hey
The Graves
Project 30 in 30
Graves footage shot by Christian Fortune

Featuring the artists of Project 30 in 30: Auzriel, Afterquake, Brother Han, Chi’ Akai, Conrad Korsch, Cut Your Teeth, Dead Geoff, Emily Kinney, Fatty Acid, Genesis Be, The Graves, Jonny B. Goodman and the Area Men, Matt roi Berger, Melissa Lusk, Miles Megaciph, The Slackers, Superhuman Happiness, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, Tri-State Conspiracy, What Katie Said Last Night

Filmmakers: Rocka Bennett, Steph Ching, Joe Del Balzo, David Dubuc, Jorge A Garza, Pamela Karp, Katie Kelley, Max S Pham, Michael Raynes, Jeff Brink, Praveen Elankumaran, Christian Fortune, John McMinn, Spencer Shangkuan, Cory Stambler, Richard Trammell, Justin Chan, Kevin Chew, Ellen Martinez, Patrick Ng, Jacqueline Sia, Orlando Suazo, William J Hopper and Robinson Deckert.

If you’d like to find out more about working with any of these artists (musicians or filmmakers) or seeing what they’re up to now, shoot us an email at OR you can click through our  Musicians and Filmmakers pages.

There is so much amazing work to come out of these artists – Project 30 in 30 has only shown you a small sampling.

Day 11 – “*67” by Dead Geoff and Fatty Acid

July 20, 2011 Leave a comment

*67, Star Six Nine Remix
Dead Geoff and Fatty Acid
Purple Bird Music
Directed by Steph Ching
Lighting by Jorge A Garza

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8PM tonight, It’s going DOWN! (At Katra Lounge!)

June 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Tonight’s the night! Just a reminder that the event begins at 8pm at Katra Lounge (217 Bowery). Get ready for some great music, awesome videos, fun people and sweet drink specials (2 for 1 drinks – NO COVER). We’ll even be premiering a couple never before seen videos. What better way to spend a Tuesday night?

This is a FREE event showcasing talented musicians, filmmakers and producers of EVERY music genre. Be there! Or be… you know the rest 🙂

See you then!

Featuring the music of:

Afterquake (Abigail Washburn + The Shanghai Restoration Project)
Brother Han
Chi’ Akai
Conrad Korsch
Cut Your Teeth
Dead Geoff
Emily Kinney
Fatty Acid
Genesis Be
The Graves
Jonny B Goodman and the Area Men
Matt roi Berger
Melissa Lusk
Miles Megaciph
The Slackers
Superhuman Happiness
Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Tri-State Conspiracy
What Katie Said Last Night

Video #10 – “*67 (Star Six Nine Remix)” by Dead Geoff and Fatty Acid

November 1, 2010 1 comment

And here’s Dead Geoff and Fatty Acid (Purple Bird Music) with video #10 – “*67”. Remixed from a Fatty Acid track, this is as straight up glitch as you can get. Shot this in their crazy crazy studio/office space with a little green screen and a LOT of cables. Location lighting by Jorge Garza.

Check it:

Day #9, Shoots #4, 5, 6 – A whole bunch of awesomeness

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Looong crazy day yesterday including miles of electronics, football in the streets of Brooklyn, many trains, and a wild live show.

Started off the morning shooting some green screen stuff and a crap ton of cables/electronics w/ Dead Geoff and Jon for their glitch remix. Shot in a really great office filled with the remnants of a partially abandoned former production house that the guys have adopted as their work space. Think hundreds of computers/parts/beta stock and monitors. Green screen/lighting expertise by Jorge Garza. Art direction by Geoff and Jon.

Off to BK to catch the boys of Cut Your Teeth before their rehearsal. Some football practice + Ts + a location by an overpass/storage facility = the most 90s looking shoot of 30in30. Camera-work by Dave Dubuc. Lots of fun web-worthy post-production on this video for sure.

And to top off the night, headed to Bowery Poetry Club to shoot some special guests to our lineup. I’ll leave Dave to tell you more about THAT one. Not to mention some wild openers and some old favorites. Suffice it to say, I left the show battered and bruised – as any good show should leave you. Definitely a surreal experience with this one. Special thanks to Spencer Shangkuan, our third shooter.

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Day 3 – Animation x 1000

October 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Despite some health issues and scares on the part of some of our filmmakers, we are still plugging along! A relatively productive day with animator, Robinson Deckert working out the kinks of animation based videos for The Slackers, Shanghai Restoration Project and the boys of Purple Bird Music, Dead Geoff and Chi’ Akai.

In live action world, getting ready for shoots this coming week/weekend with What Katie Said Last Night, more with Jonny B. Goodman and a couple special guests TBD 😉 that have a lot of Attitude. Not to mention JGood’s first video is getting the post treatment right now! More to come!