David L. Dubuc

David L. Dubuc


“Winners Never Lose” – Cut Your Teeth (shooter)
“The Market” – Superhuman Happiness (shooter)
The Tri-State Conspiracy mini-series at Bowery Poetry Club (Director/Shooter/Editor)

Absurdist Falalsopher

for pets or for meat or for hire

Secret Origin:

Once long ago, everything was in black and white.

Then when the infinite shades of gray were no longer enough, the universe played a game of rock/paper/scissors and made infinity hurl at the sight of color- a perfect rhythm of tit-for-tat swapped out for this dischordia imperfecta, this wretching, putrid paradox of neon fluorescence, shifted so obscenely and incomprehensibly that it could only contain itself by splintering into 7 billion individual lenses to record and witness its saturated beauty and subjectivity.

What, oh, you mean my origin? I was born in CT, raised in a small suburban twig village of styx and trees called Westbrook (there may or may not have also been a public school involved…) . Then, shit got too real and I moved to New York City. Pretty much it, I guess. Oh yeah, and I went to NYU for film.

(and will be paying loans for the rest of my life because of it)

yin and yangst.



Campesino/Dead Poet/Cosmonaut

and a buncha other stuff that doesn’t pay very well.

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