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Day 28 – “Park Slope (In The Eye)” by Matt roi Berger

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Alas, I miss the place already. Though clearly Mr. Berger does not! Check his anti-slope anthem which was honestly one of the most fun to shoot (and probably most ridiculous to watch).

Park Slope (In The Eye)
Matt roi Berger
Directed by Michael Raynes

Shot in the basement of Berger.
Special Thanks to Robinson Deckert for the use of the green screen.

Day 19 – “RiverStomp” by Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

July 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Directed by Max S. Pham
Camera by Richard Trammell
Assistant Director: Ellen Schneider
G&E: Vincenzo Ferriero
Edited by Jacqueline Sia
Animated by Steph Ching
Special Thanks to Melissa Lusk

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly is:
Matt Berger (vocals/guitar)
Matt Gliva (Bass)
Anne Hartung (Violin)
Morgan Lynch (vocals)
Cathy Thomas (Keyboards)

Hiroyuki Matsuura – drums
Roko Djokovic – production, recording, mixing, additional instruments

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Day 11 – “*67” by Dead Geoff and Fatty Acid

July 20, 2011 Leave a comment

*67, Star Six Nine Remix
Dead Geoff and Fatty Acid
Purple Bird Music
Directed by Steph Ching
Lighting by Jorge A Garza

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Video #18 – “RiverStomp” by Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

December 11, 2010 1 comment

“I will go down with this ship…”

Well we’ve finally come to the end of our voyage, or at least with this video. This one was definitely a PROJECT. Had a lot of fun doing some animation work and shooting out in Prospect Park. Great job on all counts! Featuring the director/cinematographer team of Max S Pham and Richard Trammell, AD Ellen Schneider always keeping us on track, G&E Vincenzo Ferriero, editor Jacqueline Sia, and a boat built by TGSM themselves, this was definitely a group effort. Thanks to Melissa Lusk for picking up the slack on all else on set.

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly is:
Matt Berger (vocals/guitar)
Matt Gliva (Bass)
Anne Hartung (Violin)
Morgan Lynch (vocals)
Cathy Thomas (Keyboards)

Here’s a whimsical video for Teen Girl Scientist Monthly’s “RiverStomp”

Don’t forget to stop by TGSM’s EP release party Saturday, December 18 at #13 Thames St, Brooklyn (9pm) to see the show AND a screening of our video.

Video #16 – “Park Slope (In the Eye)” by Matt roi Berger

December 3, 2010 1 comment

Bashing my hood eh? For such a silly, awesome, and just plain ridiculous video, I’ll allow it.

Matt roi Berger has taken on an ambitious project – Song Cycle where he writes a song for each week in 2010. Sound familiar? His songs range from feel-good pop punk to twee-pop with bizarre lyrics to straight up 90s-driven rock. Matt cites Weird Al as an influence which is certainly apparent in this video for “Park Slope (In the Eye).”

Pair Matt’s wacky (and deadpan) performance with the smart camera/special effects work of Michael Raynes and you get this glitchy, off-the-wall, spastic, super fun, “eff you” to one of my favorite places. Sweet.

For more with Matt roi Berger, New Yorkers, check out the upcoming Teen Girl Scientist Monthly show Friday December 10 at R-Bar on Bowery.

Green, our new favorite color

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Spent the afternoon/evening shooting what will surely be one of our weirdest videos yet. Lots of ghetto/glitchy green screen work for a song off of Teen Girl Scientist Monthly frontman, Matt roi Berger‘s Song Cycle project – 52 weeks in the year, 52 songs in the year. Sound familiar eh?

Anyway, as always, had a great time working with Matt and our boy Mike Raynes stepping back behind the camera. This time involved hanging in the West Village, building a makeshift green screen set in Matt’s basement, and leaving with lungs full of dust and chroma-key green aerosol fumes. Awesome.

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Video #10 – “*67 (Star Six Nine Remix)” by Dead Geoff and Fatty Acid

November 1, 2010 1 comment

And here’s Dead Geoff and Fatty Acid (Purple Bird Music) with video #10 – “*67”. Remixed from a Fatty Acid track, this is as straight up glitch as you can get. Shot this in their crazy crazy studio/office space with a little green screen and a LOT of cables. Location lighting by Jorge Garza.

Check it: