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Day #9, Shoots #4, 5, 6 – A whole bunch of awesomeness

Looong crazy day yesterday including miles of electronics, football in the streets of Brooklyn, many trains, and a wild live show.

Started off the morning shooting some green screen stuff and a crap ton of cables/electronics w/ Dead Geoff and Jon for their glitch remix. Shot in a really great office filled with the remnants of a partially abandoned former production house that the guys have adopted as their work space. Think hundreds of computers/parts/beta stock and monitors. Green screen/lighting expertise by Jorge Garza. Art direction by Geoff and Jon.

Off to BK to catch the boys of Cut Your Teeth before their rehearsal. Some football practice + Ts + a location by an overpass/storage facility = the most 90s looking shoot of 30in30. Camera-work by Dave Dubuc. Lots of fun web-worthy post-production on this video for sure.

And to top off the night, headed to Bowery Poetry Club to shoot some special guests to our lineup. I’ll leave Dave to tell you more about THAT one. Not to mention some wild openers and some old favorites. Suffice it to say, I left the show battered and bruised – as any good show should leave you. Definitely a surreal experience with this one. Special thanks to Spencer Shangkuan, our third shooter.

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