The Musicians

Calling all bands, solo acts, singers, songwriters, rappers, spoken word artists, melodists, lyricists, instrumentalists; rhythm section, horns, woodwinds, strings, kazoo players and everything in between. Whether you’re classically trained or informally experimenting, we’d like to hear from you! If you’re a musician with a great idea for a video, or just a song you’d like to show the world, contact us and we can make that happen. After all, what’s a music video without the music? So it’s your time to shine. Email for more!

And the lineup:

Jonny B. Goodman
The Graves
The Slackers
Genesis Be
Melissa Lusk
Dead Geoff & Chi’ Akai of Purple Bird Music
Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Matt roi Berger
What Katie Said Last Night
Shanghai Restoration Project featuring Di Johnston
Cut Your Teeth
Super Human Happiness
Tri-State Conspiracy
Brother Han
Emily Kinney
Conrad Korsch
Miles Megaciph

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