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Day 28 – “Park Slope (In The Eye)” by Matt roi Berger

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Alas, I miss the place already. Though clearly Mr. Berger does not! Check his anti-slope anthem which was honestly one of the most fun to shoot (and probably most ridiculous to watch).

Park Slope (In The Eye)
Matt roi Berger
Directed by Michael Raynes

Shot in the basement of Berger.
Special Thanks to Robinson Deckert for the use of the green screen.

Video #16 – “Park Slope (In the Eye)” by Matt roi Berger

December 3, 2010 1 comment

Bashing my hood eh? For such a silly, awesome, and just plain ridiculous video, I’ll allow it.

Matt roi Berger has taken on an ambitious project – Song Cycle where he writes a song for each week in 2010. Sound familiar? His songs range from feel-good pop punk to twee-pop with bizarre lyrics to straight up 90s-driven rock. Matt cites Weird Al as an influence which is certainly apparent in this video for “Park Slope (In the Eye).”

Pair Matt’s wacky (and deadpan) performance with the smart camera/special effects work of Michael Raynes and you get this glitchy, off-the-wall, spastic, super fun, “eff you” to one of my favorite places. Sweet.

For more with Matt roi Berger, New Yorkers, check out the upcoming Teen Girl Scientist Monthly show Friday December 10 at R-Bar on Bowery.