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It’s time…

Finally, here is Project 30 in 30 as it was first intended. Tonight begins 30 days of music and 30 days of great videos.

Exactly 9 months after our first video, Don’t Ask Now by Jonny B. Goodman and the Area Men, aired, our baby is born – all limbs and toes intact. We are proud to present The 30 once again! What better way to spend a lazy summer evening than with new music? Check back each night at 9pm to see a new video or save it for the morning – I know you’re youtubing at the office anyway.

The best part? You won’t know which video to expect next. I actually had a lot of fun playing DJ and putting together the setlist for this run. But to start us off, let’s go back to the beginning.

Once again, with beautifully gritty animation and an ambling tune here’s “Don’t Ask Now” by Jonny B. Goodman and the Area Men.

Don’t Ask Now
Jonny B. Goodman and the Area Men
Director/Camera: Michael Raynes
Editors: Justin Chan, Michael Raynes

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