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Video #26 – “Natty Blue” by Brother Han

Above it all

Aaand we’re back. Well, finally we’ve got our next video coming at you from a beautiful rooftop in one of my favorite neighborhoods, the LES.

We spent the day with Brother Han spreading his sweet tunes around midtown and ending with a private rooftop concert for the pigeons, a couple construction workers across the way, a woman draping laundry across her fire escape and one very receptive tenant from the floors beneath our venue. Of course wherever we shot, mini crowds would gather to hear this guy play.

So there it is, nothing formal, the epitome of how it’s DONE in NYC. This video is a little of the hustle and a lot of spectacular shots (by super DP, Cory Stambler) set to the backdrop of our city. The song itself has soulful lyrics, feel good rhythms and a ridiculously catchy chorus. With the added bonus (and challenge) of being a live recording. And who doesn’t love a Dylan-style harmonica setup? I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from Brother Han before too long.

Be sure to catch Brother Han next Wednesday, March 9 at the Bitter End (149 Bleecker). Show starts at 9pm!

Special thanks to Joshua Bridge for the venue and Alan Kudan and Spencer Shangkuan for hooking us up equipment wise.

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