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Video #20 – “Everybody Lies” by Melissa Lusk

At long last, here’s a super cute video for a super cute song (with some quite uncute lyrics) – “Everybody Lies” by Melissa Lusk. Melissa found inspiration for the song in a story about two best friends, one with the odd superpower of never needing to sleep. Of course not sleeping has its consequences and the imaginations that would be the little boy’s dreams begin to manifest in his real life.

Taking this theme of dream and modified realities, director Max S Pham and co. have created a fun video that’s slightly off-kilter. Shot by Praveen Elankumaran, edited in part by Patrick Ng, with awesome dance sequences choreographed by Katie Lee Hill. Dancers: Kyle McCoy, Emma Koenig, David Isaacs, Rachel “Fuck Me Ray Bradbury” Bloom, and Matt roi Berger


Be sure to check out Lusk & Friends, Sunday January 16 at Spike Hill in Williamsburg, 9pm (Free show!)


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