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Shooting the Slackers at C-Squat, aka one of the most surreal afternoons ever

Spent the afternoon shooting a video for The Slackers at the legendary C-Squat over in my old hood. Wicked short shoot but I suppose that added to the surreality of it all. Seeing the location in person for the first time, yesterday, was also a trip – graffiti everywhere, broken guitars and mic stands stacked in the corner, a beautiful beautiful old piano harp, a pair of someone’s pants to help block out the last shaft of light coming through the corner of the ceiling high windows. Many thanks to Bill and Jill (and Brett and Jon) at C-Squat (and the other house members who stopped by/put up with us being there).

Despite some delays, all Slackers were willing and ready to go w/ this shoot. Quite a challenge given that they’d just come off a tour and that a bunch of their other acts/solo projects have been touring as well. Not to mention the next leg of a Slackers tour coming up next month.

There’s something really bizarre about shooting a band who you’ve heard countless times though had not really met before (as a whole). Not to mention whose music had gotten you through so many big (and little) life moments. So really, thanks Ara, Marcus, Jay, Vic, Glen, and Dave for getting together, and getting THIS together, and making today happen.

Also super super thanks to our skeleton crew, Jeff Brink DP extraordinaire, G&E Jorge Garza and Spencer Shangkuan taking time out of their busy schedules to help light this crazy crazy location, and Pam Karp for helping make sure everything was under control.

Check out some pictures. Get ready for an intense animation/live action video. Wild.

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