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This is The Shanghai Restoration Project

It’s my honor to welcome Shanghai Restoration Project to Project 30 in 30!

I first heard SRP coincidentally, when I was in Shanghai. May I also add, one of the most appropriate names ever. Producer Dave Liang and his team of musicians (including Natural Fact, DEZ, Amos Winbush, Heath Brandon and more) have created one of the most innovative fusions of East and West I’ve ever heard. Inspired by 1930s Shanghai jazz, traditional Chinese instruments and today’s hiphop/electronica, SRP has a sound that you cannot stop listening to. The influences are at extreme ends of the spectrum and the marriage works beautifully.

With roots in jazz, Dave is an insanely talented pianist and the live shows are always memorable featuring live mixing/remixing, jazz, projections on screen and a cast of talent that really loves what they’re doing. Plus the guy is one of the most approachable independent music producers around and passionate about all side projects including Afterquake which focuses on relief work in a region near and dear to my own heart (but maybe more on that later).

For now, get ready for an animated video with a new spin on an old classic. Song featuring the hauntingly beautiful voice of Di Johnston.

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