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The Women of Open Sky Artworks

Genesis Be


I’m proud to announce the addition of two super talented artists/songwriters/entrepreneurs, Genesis Be and Auzriel. It’s so refreshing to see a group of young women who are taking on the music industry by doing everything themselves (writing, promotion, producing, marketing, you name it these girls are taking care of it!). I’m that much more excited to work with them as a woman working in a male dominated industry myself. (Kathryn Bigelow may have won the Oscar but half the people out there still just know her as “James Cameron’s ex”. Times are changing but sloowly).

Anyway, get ready for some really danceable and singable tunes with a lot of edginess thrown in there. Sitting down with these two who are so passionate about their work and about trying to make it on their own really reminded me just why people, myself included, come to this city to pursue their dreams.

Genesis Be’s Mississippi roots are apparent in her music but her take on the club vibe definitely has some NYC mixed in now. Her rhymes are biting and so socially conscious. When this girl has something to say, people will be sure to listen.

Classically trained in opera and hailing from Portland, Auzriel has a powerful, soulful voice that reminds you a little of Mariah, a little of M.I.A., and a lot of 90s female power groups, packaged in an updated, unexpected way.

For more on the artists, and on the other women who make up Open Sky Artworks, check out their label. Seriously. Do it.

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