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Give Us Some Slack!

(ok after this, no more awful puns, promise)

And so it’s official, ska/soul/dub/rocksteady revivalists from our very own NYC, The Slackers, will be joining our lineup!

I know, I know, so unprofessional to say this but I have to risk sounding like a fan-girl for a moment. I have been listening to The Slackers for YEARS now and they have been my favorite band for a long time. I am so excited to be working with these guys on a video for something off their new(ish) record, “The Great Rock Steady Swindle” (seriously check it out, there is not a bad song on this album).

I never thought I’d be sitting down to have drinks with a couple members of my favorite band, much less having them so on board to have me do a video for them. I had a chance to talk with Jay and Dave about their music, tour, our favorite LES, and plans for other videos (epic is all I can say). Do check out Jay’s Wake and Bake Films and Dave of the Dead starring Dave in full on zombie b-horror movie mode.

So get psyched for some really trippy stuff, mixed media and some really gritty visuals for this video. Also featuring (of course) the band members themselves:

Marcus Geard on bass, Jay Nugent on guitar, Ara Babajian on drums, Vic Ruggiero on keys and lead vox, Dave Hillyard on sax, and Glen Pine on trombone and vox. Their sound is a sweet and heavy combination of everything ska, reggae, rocksteady, 60’s, rock and so much soul.

One of the best parts of all of this is that they all have a hand in writing the music. There’s stuff on this new album written by each one of the Slackers and clearly the diversity comes through. On this album alone you’ve got pretty story-heavy pieces like “Sabina”, haunting dub/reggae stuff like “Because”, and even a purely instrumental version of “Ain’t No Sunshine” with a bass line and horn growls that stick right in your gut.

But enough of this, this isn’t an album review and I could go on and on about which songs of theirs are my favorites, how sick their live shows are and why each one of them is essential for the band and their style. For now, sit back and stay tuned for updates on the shoot. This is gonna be a heavy one.

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